The Good Will Hose Company was originally incorporated on November 15, 1910. Three firehouses were used throughout the years. The first house was opened on Mahanoy Street across from the American Legion. The next was built on the corner of Oak and Middle Streets shortly there after. In 1970 a new and final station was built and occupied at its present location on Balliet Street, giving the company much needed room with three apparatus bays and office and social areas.

An American LaFrance Chemical pumper was the first apparatus purchased in 1922. In 1924, an additional Hahn Quad was placed in service. A new Seagrave Ladder truck was purchased in 1941 and a Seagrave Engine in 1953, with a fully enclosed cab, making Seagrave the fire fighting choice for a few decades.

In 1974 two new pieces were purchased, a new American LaFrance 100 foot ladder “quint” and a Chevy Service van which carried a six cylinder cascade system and equipment.

In the 1980’s an unusual purchase was made, a Lime-Green 1000 GPM Hahn Engine, all other vehicles were always red. This vehicle boosted the fire fighting protection for the community with the addition of large diameter hose and the Jaws of Life Hurst equipment. The Chevrolet van was also replaced with a used rescue vehicle, putting the Hahn engine back in the role for fire fighting.

The Ladder Truck was totally refurbished in 1992 with a cascade system being added, and in 1994 a Central-States 1500 GPM Engine-Rescue was bought which was also unique because it replaced two pieces, the Hahn and the Ford rescue. The Central States engine carries a multitude of equipment for structural attack and supply for almost any kind of rescue situation. Another engine was donated, a lime-green 1961 Ford/John Beam engine by the Lincoln Park Fire department of Berks County. A final engine was purchased in 2002, a 1987 Hahn engine-rescue that we just purchased from Cockeysville Vol. Fire Co in Maryland. This vehicle also has rescue tools and various firefighting tools.

The company has a long tradition in the county as being a charter member of the Schuylkill Firefighters Association. We have hosted Schuylkill County Conventions in 1957, 1965, 1976 Frackville Centennial in 1982 and 1997. We were also the host of the 2010 Convention celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the fire company.

Six County Conventions were also hosted in 1943, 1947, and 2001 as part of the 125th anniversary of the Frackville Borough.