Training: Ventilation and Roof Operations

On Sunday, July 2nd, firefighters from Good Will Hose Company took advantage of a rare opportunity to train on vertical ventilation and roof operations through use of acquired structures.

Firefighters were given permission to utilize two previously fire-damaged buildings in the borough’s downtown that are slated to be razed in the near future.

Topics covered included correct placement of ventilation holes, timing of ventilation, cutting techniques, the multiple saws used in ventilation, trench cutting, building construction, and most importantly, safety.

With safety at the forefront, firefighters ran multiple evolutions in teams of two cutting and clearing ventilation holes and making trench cuts as if it were a real-world application. These evolutions were completed in full turnout gear with SCBA to closely simulate the rigor of the job.

This training session was an excellent lesson in teamwork and practical application while building confidence in ourselves, each other, and our equipment.

Thank you to everyone involved in acquiring these structures for use and great job by everyone who attended!


Ventilation and Roof Operations Training

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